This is my site for those who indulge themselves in the art that has been an important part in almost every aspect of human history. Alcohol was at many points in history was a more consumed beverage then water itself. Jesus turned water into wine. Prohibition helped Al Capone become as big a name as he became. Facebook was created by a student...Drunk. Now alcohol has become commercialized and often the commercial product is dull in comparison to the potential that alcoholic drinks have. Thats where us homebrewers come in. We have the power to make drinks that are stronger, tastier and as unique as the person making and or drinking it.

Why make it when you can buy it in an instant?

The answer to this is about as unique as the people who do it and it is different for many people. The brewers and distillers who visit here have already got their reason but when I talk to many non brewers they ask me this question frequently. When I first looked into this hobby I asked myself the same question. Heres some of the reasons I know went through my head.
-A hobby: This is a hobby that varies in difficulty. you can make things as simple as boiling water with some extract kit toss on some yeast(yes i know brewers im missing some details) and given time you got a great beer. On the other hand you could build a kegerator yourself or a complex still(if the law permits 'wink'). You could dedicate a whole house or a closet to your hobby. Basically anyone can do it.

-Its fun: As I said its a hobby and hobbys are supposed to be fun right? This is a very fun hobby. Some (including me) find it so fun you start scheduling appointments, budgeting money and dreaming about new creations all because you crave the next brew day. Of course when all is said and done you get to drink the creation.

-Satisfaction: Have you ever worked on a project and  when it all works you feel good that you did that. Thats how you feel when you sit down and take a sip of your homemade drink and it turns out good. It doesnt diminish either when you pour that first one from every batch you still feel the anticipation as you go to take that first sip. When you do it feels good that you accomplished something. Also nothing is better then having a friend or family member tell you that the creation you made, that you put your heart soul sweat and tears into(you shouldnt actually put hearts souls sweat or tears into your beverage:P) is awesome.

-MONEY: The initial investment into this hobby can be a bit but if you go simple you more often then not save money over the commercial products while having a better product. Of course I must warn you that you wont be able to stay with the basics as you will get really hooked into it.