How to fund your new hobby.

Many people may be thinking 'its too expensive to get started' and it can seem like money is never going your way. Heres a few sites i use to make a few dollars to invest into my hobby.


This site lets you cash out to paypal as low as 1 dollar. Also you can get points which you can use to order a stock pot, scales, thermometers and books on homebrewing as well as anything else you may want. There are many free surveys and although the payment for them may seem low you can build up a bit of a bankroll. You could even win points and money on games and contests.

If youre looking for a easy way to make a few brewing bucks go to


Most people may not want to go this way as it can take a while to get to 60000 points to get the 20 dollar withdraw but its not hard. Most surveys are over 1000 and sometimes 3000+. also the polls only take a second and are plentiful allowing for many points to be made.

Where can I get supplies?

Many people in more populated areas are lucky enough to have some sort of homebrew shop close enough to be able  to get supplies. For those who may not be able to get supplies locally or think their shop is overpriced there are some online sites that could be useful.


Its Ebay the online auction site.  Bid on stuff and buy stuff online. Theres a few homebrew supply shops selling on Ebay from around the world so if something isnt available locally you could find it globally.

Decent prices, Canadian based but will ship worldwide. Prices are good and they have basically anything youd need.

Another well supplied site with international shipping.

What if I dont have a credit card?

No problem. Paypal is a site that is accepted almost everywhere and you can fill it from a credit card or your bank. Also the sites posted above( both the survey sites and stores) are all paypal acceptable.